onsdag 31 oktober 2007


dagligen får jag mail av den här typen:



http://[esq]PILL-US.COM - remove "[esq]" from link

To place before the king's one powerful friend strings which
have the presumption to delay us. Of her. For days at a
time he was capable of forgetting care. Grandma's mouth
was a thin line of pain remains impressed in the minds of
visitors merely him in the hearts and minds of the people
of lutha? Collapse on the road. I invariably used all the
it's a habit of mine, i'll come with his wine. Wolfhound,
isn't it? They're like pearls, somehow, largs academy edinburgh
university. British museum quality. Whether by his own wish,
or by that of and the constitution and who, partly for this
against the windows in great gusts. Poirot and to the president
of the zoological institute, to its foundations: let's have
afternoon tea instead.


Vad vill de att jag ska göra? Förstår att det måste vara lönsamt på ngt sätt och att en liten lite n del av alla de skickar mailet till gör som de vill; men vad vill de att man ska göra? Det finns exempelvis ingenstans att klicka?

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