måndag 1 december 2008

Hur man lyckas med ett företag

Från David Abbots (A:et i AMV BBDO, Englands största reklambyrå; deras Lowe Brindfors kan man säga) avskedstal; nyligen publicerat på Lunar BBDO-bloggen. Enkelt. Och sant.

You all know how to run a great agency.

You care about two things. You care about quality - in everything you do. From the chairs in Reception, to the way you answer a phone, to a piece of Typography, to the ideas you have, to the research you put your name to, to the meetings you hold, to the way you hang a picture, to the way you crop a photograph or write a line.

Quality is always possible and always under threat, but if you don't seek and defend it you won't be satisfied and you won't be happy.

The second thing you must care about? That's easy. It's each other.

Take care of each other and nearly everything else will take care of itself. It's pat, but it's true.

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